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Supporting measurement-based psychedelic practices.

Maya is a software platform designed to help practitioners manage, measure, and illustrate the health outcomes of their work.
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  • Onboard clients with ease, securely manage intake details, and waivers.
  • Design personalized protocols and psychedelic-specific assessments.
  • Automate informational emails and appointment preparation reminders.
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  • Capture information about day-of intentions and preparedness.
  • Track dosages, wellness outcomes, and psychological measures.
  • Collect and organize session notes, recordings, and transcripts.
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  • Automate follow-up support, reminders, and check-ins.
  • Send psychedelic-specific integration content and assessments.
  • Communicate securely with clients via encrypted, HIPAA-compliant chat.
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  • Measure the efficacy of treatment, both client-specific and across your practice.
  • Generate before and after wellbeing and psychometric comparison reports.
  • Collect feedback, request testimonials, and track referrals.
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- Designed in partnership with psychedelic practitioners -
Designed in partnership with psychedelic practitioners.

Maya supports you, so you can support your clients.

  • Automate hours of admin work into streamlined systems.
  • Visualize and analyze your clients’ progress over time.
  • Compare protocols with benchmarks to refine and improve.


...providing psychedelic-assisted therapy


...setting the foundation for best practices in the U.S.

Retreat Facilitators

...offering psychedelic guidance around the world


...providing clinical psychedelic education and training


...examining emerging data on psychedelic healthcare

Maya brings ease, trust, and professionalism to your client's journey.

  • Safe and secure environment to communicate sensitive information.
  • Ability to track their health and wellbeing throughout their journey.
  • Integration support, tailored to their personal experience.
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Here's what the community is saying about Maya:

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“The Maya technology is an essential tool and resource for therapists, facilitators, clients and policymakers alike.”
“We must support and protect the integrity and potency of this work, and we need good data to do it. Maya can help.”
“Maya is offering revolutionary technology so we can understand how, why, where and when these medicines can make the most impact.”
“It would be invaluable to see consistent and frequent metrics showing clients’ health and behavioral patterns over time.”
“This builds trust personally and systemically, and keeps practitioners & clients accountable and tracking efficacy in order to inform best practices.”
“The more knowledge we have, the more we will be able to change the course of the dis-ease in our world, so we can give our grandchildren's grandchildren a fighting chance.”