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Our Vision

We envision a future where everyone has the opportunity to benefit from measurement-based psychedelic healthcare.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower psychedelic practitioners with the therapy software solutions and insights they need to scale psychedelic healthcare safely and effectively.

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David Champion
CEO of Maya
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A company created for the benefit of all.

Maya is a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), which means our team members, advisors, investors, and  supporters are aligned to prioritize purpose over profit. We are laying the foundations of a global environment for psychedelic healthcare to scale safely and effectively with specialized therapy software solutions.

Our work stems from our background in academic research through the nonprofit, Unlimited Sciences. Following our involvement helping Denver become the first city to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms, and our participation in events, presentations, and dinner tables, we have become friends with psychedelic practitioners, educators, and researchers from every part of the world. 

Listening to the hopes and desires of those on the front lines of psychedelic healthcare, we have learned about the challenges they face. Many practitioners told us about their labor-intensive administrative processes, inefficient out-of-the-box systems, and an inability to visualize and analyze client outcomes. 

At Maya, we know that psychedelic medicine has the power to shift the paradigm of mental healthcare on a global scale. However, the pioneers in psychedelic medicine don’t have an easy way to demonstrate the clinical benefits of their work. Maya is a software platform designed to help psychedelic practitioners manage their practice, measure progress, and illustrate health outcomes, with specialized therapy software solutions, so they can optimize services, scale safely, and help advance psychedelic healthcare.

Maya's therapy software solutions are the result of almost two years working with the community, carefully developing the outlines of a platform we believe will empower psychedelic practitioners. As this community grows, we will grow with it. We promise to uphold integrity, to honor the lineages of tradition, and to safeguard the flow of data so that it can be used for the benefit of all humankind.

We are laying the foundations of a global environment for psychedelic healthcare to scale safely and ethically.

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“There is much important work to be done in understanding how psychedelic medicines can be utilized safely while maximizing the benefit.  

I believe the work Maya and its team are doing is exceptional in this regard.  It is exactly what is needed to help positively shape the industry while supporting us all to reach a greater stage in human development.”
Dr. Dan Engle - Founder, Kuya Treatment Center
Meet our Amazing Team

Based in Denver, Colorado

We are growing quickly and we’d love to hear from you if our vision resonates. Contact us

David Champion

CEO, Co-founder
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Akoni Anthony

Data Scientist
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Adam Abrahami

VP Strategy & Operations
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Alex Edwards

VP Product
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Eamon Armstrong

Community Liaison
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Jessica Cadoch

Research & Operations Manager
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Lisa Dannen

Director of Marketing & Communications
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Isa Almy

Success Manager
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Carla Kieffer

Community Liaison
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Rix Bai

Senior Engineer
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Shimpei Kurokawa

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Jesse Snyder

Principal Engineer
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Luana Lourenço

UX/UI Designer
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Claire Masters

Director of Success
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Our Advisors

Our advisors help to guide us as we grow and evolve.

Robin Carhart-Harris

Research Design
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Dr. Dan Engle

Integrative Health
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Dr. Scott Shannon, MD

Clinic Operations & Education
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Tim Chang

Ethics and Community
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Roy Bingham

Market Intelligence
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Joel Milton

Business Leadership
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Don Hussen

Data Architecture
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Rob Whitfield

Organizational Coaching
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Keith Ferrazzi

Professional Coaching
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