Why We Prioritize a Strong Ethical Position 

The burgeoning psychedelic field brings particular ethical considerations from–social justice and inclusion–to data use and privacy. We are committed to being a community leader in both the equal access to psychedelic medicine and the ethical flow of data. We are grateful for the opportunity to identify and operationalize our ethical commitments into every aspect of our company. 

At Maya, we believe that psychedelic practitioners have the power to improve the mental health and wellbeing of millions of people on a global scale. However, more data is needed to safely advance and scale psychedelic-assisted healthcare practices. Our software platform was designed to empower psychedelic practitioners to track, measure, and illustrate the clinical outcomes of their work, so that we can scale safely and effectively, serve more people, and contribute clinical data to help advance psychedelic healthcare.

While we know that the Maya platform will play a key role in generating essential insights into psychedelic healthcare practices, we also acknowledge that this role comes with great responsibility. We take our role as the ethical stewards of the flow of data between patients, clients, practitioners and researchers very seriously. The following ethical positions will serve as the foundation for everything that we do and everything we stand for. We’re humbled at the collective knowledge of the psychedelic community and grateful for the opportunity to continue working on these values as our field evolves.

-David Champion, CEO and Co-Founder 

Maya's Ethical Commitments

Purpose Over Profit

  • We are a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC).
  • We are committed to ethically-aligned investment.
Read Our Investor Covenant

Responsible Data Stewardship

  • We adhere to the best practices set out by
  • We give you control over your health information.
  • We want you to decide how your information is used and with whom it is shared.
  • We will not sell or lease your individual-level information to any third party without your explicit consent.
  • We will ensure that your individual-level information is restricted from being viewable, downloadable, or exportable from our systems.
  • If you opt in and consent to participate in our research, your de-identified data will be used to contribute to research at Maya PBC or third-party institutions working with Maya PBC. Consenting allows our researchers and approved third-party researchers to use a customer's de-identified data in aggregate for a variety of studies.
  • We will not use your data to market to you or sell you products, without your explicit consent via opt-in.
Read Our Statement on Data and Privacy

Listening to the Community

Giving Back and Supporting Equal Access to Psychedelic Healthcare

  • We will offer discounted software to practitioners, healers, guides, and clinicians who have equal access programs for underserved clients and those who would not otherwise be able to access the platform.
  • We will offer non-commercial usage licenses for researchers in an effort to accelerate psychedelic research through access to anonymized aggregated data.
  • We will sponsor online learning opportunities for practitioners operating in underserved communities.
  • We will give away a percentage of our profits, with a preference to supporting non profit organizations that are aligned with our mission.

North Star Pledge from the Auryn Project

We are grateful for the leadership of the Auryn Project and their dedication to creating a framework for businesses like ours to follow. The North Star Pledge is an opportunity for companies in the psychedelic space to consider seven key commitments and make them their own. We have taken our time with this pledge, to truly work it into our business model and all of our company practices.