Mapping the psychedelic experience,
one journey at a time.

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Designed in partnership with psychedelic practitioners. 

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Provide the best healing journey for participants.

Psychedelic-assisted healing has unique and complex protocols. Maya is HIPAA-compliant and purpose-built to support a harmonious journey for providers and participants.

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Gain valuable insights into your work.

Working with psychedelic medicine can be an iterative process. Learn about the protocols and processes that can make your work more efficient and effective.

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Increase participant engagement.

Motivate participants to comply with protocols and continue their healing journey using engaging forms and assessments.

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Streamline form sending and assessments.

Many providers spend hours creating and sending forms and assessments.
With Maya, you can streamline form sending to gather the insights you need, when you need them.

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Capture treatment data.

Feel empowered to record unique session details including custom notes,
treatment methods, and medicine session dosing.

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Join a learning community.

Share insights and learn from other providers in your field.
Join a learning community where you can support one another.

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What's included


Ease of implementation & automation
Participant retention & compliance
Data quality & consistency across participating providers
Library of validated measures
Protocol Template Builder
Medicine session notes
Participant assessment analytics
Security, privacy, ethical data guardianship
One-way Google calendar sync
Health outcomes reports
Protocol timelines for individuals & groups
Custom document templates
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The Maya platform meets U.S. medical healthcare requirements and is designed to uphold the greatest possible degree of patient privacy.
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The Maya platform is both GDPR and CCPA compliant. You and your clients can delete all personal data at any time.
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Beautifully Designed
in Colorado
We believe good design can help cultivate trust and help your clients feel and see your level of professionalism from the beginning of their journey.
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We are pursuing HITRUST certification which we expect to obtain in 2022.
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