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What the community is saying about Maya.

“One of Maya’s major contributions is to make it more of the norm for practitioners to collect data, so they are able to demonstrate the value of psychedelic therapy.”
Robin Carhart-Harris
Head of Psychedelic Research, Imperial College London
“I love that Maya provides a system specifically to meet the needs of psychedelic-assisted therapists, so we can collect data that will show the effectiveness of these therapies as well the progress of our patients."
Veronika Gold
Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapist, Polaris Insight Center
“Maya is a comprehensive, yet simple solution that can easily plug in as a third party to what we’re working on. Visualizing the data from our study in real time will be unlike anything else.”
Fraser Johnson
Founder and CEO, Entheotech
“There is much important work to be done in understanding how psychedelic medicines can be utilized safely while maximizing the benefit. I believe the work Maya and its team are doing is exceptional in this regard. It is exactly what is needed to help positively shape the industry while supporting us all to reach a greater stage in human development.”
Dan Engle portrait
Dr. Dan Engle
Founder, Kuya Treatment Center
Who is Maya For?

Purpose-built therapy tools for psychedelic practitioners.

Psychedelic Practitioners

Including therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

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Retreat Facilitators

Guiding plant medicine retreats and ceremonies.

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Ketamine Clinicians

Providing Ketamine therapy in a clinic setting.

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Integration Coaches

Helping people integrate psychedelic therapy.

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Why we built Maya.

We believe that psychedelic practitioners are not limited by their abilities, protocols, or the power of the medicine, but because they aren’t equipped with technology designed specifically to meet their unique needs. At Maya, we’re dedicated to solving this problem. Maya is a software platform designed to help psychedelic practitioners manage their practice, measure progress, and illustrate health outcomes, so they can optimize services, scale safely, and help advance psychedelic healthcare.

our background

What we learned from listening to our community. 

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is David Champion. In 2014, I started Baker Technologies, the leading CRM platform for the cannabis industry. In 2018, I successfully exited Baker and accepted a volunteer position with the campaign team seeking to decriminalize psychoactive mushrooms in Denver. 

In just over six months and with a bootstrapped budget, our tiny team managed to make history. Nearly 51% of Denver residents voted to pass the initiative to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms. As the first city in the U.S. to do so, we opened the doors to nearly 100 'Decriminalize' initiatives in municipalities across the country.

Following my involvement as a leader in the Denver decriminalization campaign, I co-founded the psychedelic research nonprofit, Unlimited Sciences with Heather Jackson and Del Jolly. Together, we formed a collaboration with Johns Hopkins University to design a real-world psilocybin study to explore the impacts of psilocybin mushroom use in naturalistic settings, i.e. outside of the research lab.

Over the past few years, I have learned about the challenges facing psychedelic practitioners from around the world. I studied the cobbled-together systems they used and looked at all of the technology on the market that might meet their needs. I couldn’t find any psychedelic therapy tools that would both help them execute daily tasks, while also generating robust insights. 

After listening to the community’s needs, my co-founder, Akoni Anthony and I began to design the Maya platform as a solution to the variety of challenges facing psychedelic practitioners. Our platform is now more comprehensive and secure than we could have imagined, thanks to the input of our advisors and guides. We are thrilled to be able to share it with you.

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the care journey

Step 1. Measure Health Baselines

Collect baseline measurements about health, wellbeing, and lifestyle.
Old Way

Manual assessments

Create assessments to try to gauge health histories and biometrics using therapy tools that aren’t designed for user engagement and won’t easily generate data.

Old Result

Incomplete data

Spend hours on assessments that clients fail to complete, leaving out critical health baseline data that impedes their care journey.

New Way

Automated assessments

Use standardized assessments with validated response options and engaging designs to get the data you need in visual formats that make sense. Create personalized protocols.

New Result

Comprehensive care

Save time and feel confident knowing that you have everything you need to provide the best care journey for clients.

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Quick Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Maya's forms be more engaging for my clients? 

Our design team has done extensive research on user experience and engagement to develop best-in-class forms that are beautiful, simple, and easy to use.

Step 2: Intake and Preparation

Keep your practice organized and HIPAA-compliant from the beginning.
Old Way

Manual intake

Onboard clients using paper forms and fillable PDFs. Store intake forms, waivers, etc. in filing cabinets, notebooks, on desktop, and other digital spaces that aren’t HIPAA-compliant or easily accessible.

Old Result

Data insecurity

Intake processes are often disjointed, inconsistent, and unclear for clients. Health information is disorganized and difficult to refer to throughout sessions with a high risk of data breach.

New Way

Streamlined intake

Onboard clients with ease using a streamlined intake process. Manage client health records in a purpose-built, HIPAA and GDPR-compliant platform designed with end-to-end encryption and Zero Trust architecture. Easily access client records anytime from the client portal.

New Result

Compliance and data security

Provide the best care journey for your clients from the beginning. Feel confident knowing that health records are safe, secure, and organized.

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Quick Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

My practice doesn’t follow one specific protocol since each of my clients are different.

We value the individuality of practices. That’s why you’re able to create any kind of individualized protocol in the Maya platform. You can personalize protocols by individual or by group.

I don’t spend that much time onboarding clients and storing files the “old-fashioned way” hasn’t been an issue thus far, how will this help?

The manual process of onboarding clients leaves room for human error and is just one more thing you have to remember to do. Additionally, there is a lot of legal risk for both you and your clients if the process for storing health records isn’t HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant. Not only is this more time consuming and less secure, but by keeping all of your client data on paper forms, it is difficult to explore the specific factors that influence your clients’ health outcomes.

I need to be able to send my clients notes on their session, how can I do this in Maya?

The Maya platform combines many features and functions in one comprehensive platform, so you can easily copy your notes from the client portal and paste them into the chat feature to safely communicate with your client.

What if I want to use my own forms and not the Maya forms?

If you prefer to use your own forms, we’re happy to help you through the process. 

How do I know that the forms on the Maya platform are legitimate?

We’ve found the most relevant scales and validated measures from across academic psychology research and coded them into the Maya Forms Library, so practitioners can begin using them with one click. We've worked with a wide array of practitioners to create custom forms that map to the entire care journey of a psychedelic protocol.

Step 3: Facilitation

Measure progress and illustrate health outcomes to demonstrate the power of your services.
Old Way

Difficulty demonstrating progress

Provide some information about the psychedelic therapy journey. Share qualitative feedback and observations about their progress.

Take notes on pen and paper or by typing both during intake calls and in-session.

Old Result

Difficulty retaining clients

Clients don’t have a clear idea of what their psychedelic healing journey will entail. They may feel better, but lack the concrete data needed to know whether it was worth the investment. Practitioners lose clients.

Clients may feel that you’re not fully present as you try to take notes. Notes may be disorganized, disconnected with the client’s chart and  time consuming to review at a later date.

New Way

Measurable health outcomes

Provide a comprehensive scope of the care journey from preparation through completion using data. Measure progress and illustrate client health outcomes.

Use automatic video and audio transcriptions, timestamped, searchable, and with sentiment analysis.

New Result

Continued services and referrals

Clients know exactly what the healing journey involves and can see data that measures their progress. Clients have a clear understanding of the return on their investment and are motivated to continue services and refer friends.

Stay present in client sessions. Capture every part of the dialogue and note emotional changes to inform the care journey. Easily refer to session notes for future purposes.

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Quick Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

 I don’t know anything about analyzing data, what can I do with these insights?

Fortunately, we’ve designed Maya assuming that most practitioners are not data analysts. We’ve condensed complex data sets into easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

Will measuring data points impede my clients’ experience with psychedelic medicines?

We’ve designed Maya with a beautiful user-friendly interface to ensure that your clients to stay engaged in the care journey. The insights that Maya provides allow your clients to track their own progress and better understand the return on their investment in your services.

How is video uploaded onto the Maya platform?

We are currently working with the Speakai team to finalize the next level of integration to support video upload and analysis features in the platform.

How does the transcript pull emotional sentiment from conversations?

The analysis process includes a combination of:
Emotion detection: Speakai automatically identifies emotions in your audio and video content using both words and voice tonality.
Sentiment analysis: Speakai interprets positive and negative sentiments from video and audio content using a combination of natural language processing and machine learning.

What specific data points will be collected?

Using Speakai’s video analysis tool, we’re able to collect data using keyword extraction, topic inference, time and location, sentiment analysis, and emotion detection. Learn more about Speakai’s functionality.

Where will my client data go?

We have taken every step and precaution to ensure your data and your client’s sensitive information is private and secure. Please see our Privacy Statement for full information.

Step 4: Completion and Integration

Follow up with clients to support integration and improve health outcomes.

Old Way

Inconsistent follow-up

Time spent trying to follow up with clients after sessions are completed. Manually send follow-up forms.

Try to find appropriate scales for clients. Fall back on the typical GAD-7 and PHQ-9, which provide only surface level insight and don’t help practitioners make sense of data.

Request subjective testimonials and reviews.

Old Result

Compromised health outcomes

Clients don’t know how to make the most out of their healing journey. They don't have the proper support they need to integrate their experience and the health outcomes are compromised.

Spend hours on forms and trying to follow up with clients. Avoid completion forms altogether failing to capture post-journey health outcomes.

Difficulty demonstrating the value and outcomes of your services in terms of data, continue to do things the same way without optimizing.

New Way

Ongoing support

Use HIPAA-compliant chat to stay in close contact with clients throughout the journey and beyond. Provide ongoing integration support and resources so clients feel held throughout the process.

User-friendly forms are completed, capturing long-term health outcomes.

Easily collect an abundance of objective success metrics, referrals, and testimonials to support the power of your services.

New Result

Optimal health outcomes

Create a comprehensive, continued care journey for clients, so they feel supported and motivated to integrate their experience.

Identify warnings around client baselines, see specific factors that contribute to successful patient outcomes and automatically track client progression. Provide measurement-based care.

Recruit new clients, optimize your services, and demonstrate the efficacy of psychedelic healthcare.

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Quick Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Maya platform support my integration work? 

The Maya platform offers best-in-class integration resources and follow-up forms to help you facilitate this instrumental piece of the healing journey.

Step 5: Beyond

Join the global learning community and help advance psychedelic healthcare.
Old Way

Siloed practices

Stay isolated in your practice, use non-standardized assessments and disjointed systems.

Old Result

Isolated knowledge

Limited abilities to share and compare clinical findings, limited learning opportunities.

New Way

Global learning community

Use standardized assessments and a common platform. Share and compare aggregated clinical data with practitioners around the world. Learn about the efficacy of certain psychedelic modalities and practices.

New Result

Knowledge sharing

Join a global learning community to learn from other practitioners in your field. Contribute clinical data to the larger psychedelic research collective. Help advance psychedelic healthcare.

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Quick Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will have access to the aggregated insights on the Maya platform?

It is our first priority to ensure practitioners on the Maya platform benefit from the insights available, and can join a global community of learning and support. We also believe that researchers and educators could benefit from clinical insights.

I have a successful psychedelic therapy practice, how will I benefit by using Maya?

We believe that the Maya platform provides the insights and technology therapists need to optimize their practice in ways they didn't know were possible. The platform also enables practitioners to contribute clinical findings to the greater psychedelic research collective. This growing body of research will help advance psychedelic healthcare on a global scale.

Will Maya keep track of any personally identifiable information, and if so, how do I know they are protected?

Maya will continually stay abreast of, and adhere to data ethics best practices like those outlined by These commitments include – but are not limited to – principles such as Maya never selling the personally identifying information or personal health information of our users. In addition, Maya’s de-identified, aggregated, and anonymized data will only be used for research purposes and will never be used for marketing purposes. Please read our Privacy Statement for more information.

I work in a clinic with multiple practitioners who all need access to see clients data, can we all work on the platform?

The first release of the Maya platform is for individual Ketamine practitioners. We will soon be expanding the platform to include clinics and retreats with multiple practitioners who may need to see the same patient data, in differing role capabilities.

Some of my clients who aren’t as technologically savvy, how will Maya work for them?

The Maya team has designed a clean, user-friendly interface making it easy for anyone to use. You can always refer your clients to the clear instructions on how to use Maya in our Support Center.

My practice is running just fine without technology, how is Maya going to improve what I do?

While you may have operated your practice without the right technology, or technology at all, Maya provides you the opportunity to optimize your clients’ care journey, grow your practice, increase revenue, and save time. Ultimately, as the field of psychedelic therapy becomes more saturated, we believe that the practitioners using the Maya platform will have a strong competitive advantage. We know you’re passionate about helping your clients, in return, Maya is passionate about helping you thrive.

I don’t have time to switch over to a completely new system, how will you help in this process?

We understand that systems change can seem overwhelming. That's why our team will help you migrate your data from your former system as a part of the onboarding process.

Why should I trust Maya? 

Maya is a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), which means our team members, advisors, investors, and supporters are aligned to prioritize purpose over profit. We have also been part of the psychedelic community for years. Our work stems from a background in academic research through the nonprofit, Unlimited Sciences. Following our involvement helping Denver become the first city to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms, and our participation in events, presentations, and dinner tables, we have become friends with psychedelic practitioners, educators, and researchers from every part of the world. Listening to the hopes and desires of those on the front lines of the psychedelic movement, we have identified the challenges they experience. Maya is the result of almost two years working with the community, carefully developing a platform we believe will help psychedelic practitioners provide the best care for their clients, while advancing psychedelic healthcare. As this community grows, we will grow with it. We promise to uphold integrity, to honor the lineages of tradition, and to safeguard the flow of data so that it can be used for the benefit of all humankind. We are committed to being an ethical leader in this space and are signatories on the North Star Pledge. One of our team members in Denver are available to speak to you about any other concerns you may have.

Elevate Your Practice with Maya Psychadelic Therapy Tools

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