Investor Covenant

As an investor in Maya, PBC (Maya) we hereby acknowledge and agree to the following terms of investment and ethical principles:

  1. We understand that Maya is a Public Benefit Corporation.A public benefit corporation (PBC) is a for profit corporation or domestic cooperative that is intended to produce one or more public benefits and to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner. A PBC must be managed in a manner that balances the shareholders' pecuniary interests, the best interest of those materially affected by the corporation's conduct, and the public benefit identified in its articles of incorporation.As such, we expect our investors to recognize that our decision making processes will always be a balanced consideration of impact for both shareholders and the public.

  2. We understand that societal change and a positive global impact is Maya’s priority.As such, the long-term societal impact of the business will always be prioritized over accelerated capital returns. We plan to allocate a substantive percentage of annual profits to support our mission of increasing safe and effective access to psychedelic medicines globally.

  3. We understand that Maya is an ethical data-driven enterprise. As such, Maya will continually stay abreast of, and adhere to data ethics best practices like those outlined by These commitments include–but are not limited to–principles such as Maya never selling the personally identifying information or personal health information of our users. In addition, Maya’s de-identified, aggregated, and anonymized data will only be used for research purposes and will never be used for marketing purposes.

  4. We understand that Maya is focused on expanding access to safe psychedelic healthcare. As such, we will endeavor to make Maya affordable and accessible to practitioners in all communities, sometimes at the cost of profitable opportunities. Additionally, we will endeavor to achieve equal representation across demographics as we contribute aggregated data to psychedelic research.

  5. We understand that for Maya to be successful, the psychedelic community must trust us.As such, exit opportunities that would lead to any of the above commitments being broken now or in the future will not be considered.