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About the company

There's an urgent need for a paradigm shift in mental healthcare, and psychedelic treatments are among the most promising areas of research. However, the pioneers in psychedelic medicine don’t have an easy way to demonstrate the clinical benefits of their work.

Maya is a digital platform designed to help psychedelic practitioners manage, measure, and illustrate health outcomes, so they can optimize their services, scale safely, and help advance psychedelic healthcare.

Our mission is to empower practitioners with the technology and insight they need to scale psychedelic healthcare safely and effectively.


As the CTO you will:

  • Be responsible for maintaining the technical edge of the company
  • Represent the technical face of the company
  • Map enterprise-wide decisions for system interoperability and compliance with healthcare related standards, such as HIPAA compliance
  • Establish strategy for flexible interoperability with multiple EHR systems
  • Research new platforms, architectures and regularly revisit existing tech stack to keep it best in class
  • Define and implement intellectual property protection strategy, including filing patents
  • Perform analysis to ensure Maya can perform core competencies without infringing upon existing patents
  • Work closely with the Chief Data Officer on backend infrastructure strategy and build-out.
  • Establish organizational-level technology standards
  • Lead research efforts for exploring and proving integration opportunities, with systems such as wearable biofeedback devices
  • Identify and plan how the organization can use newer technologies and innovation to improve the bottom line
  • Take the initiative in thought leadership, innovation and creativity.

Technical requirements

We are only looking for candidates with proven experience in: 

  • Leading technology strategy for healthcare related SaaS platforms
  • Implementing HIPAA compliance across all aspects of organizational technical infrastructure
  • Proving technology solutions with rapid-fire proof-of-concept implementations
  • Establishing intellectual property protection strategies
  • Having a strong command of the Python ecosystem 

Personality requirements 

A great candidate has:

  • An unquenchable desire for digging into new technologies
  • A systems-thinking mindset, keenly aware of how every technology will fit into “the big picture”
  • A proven track record of creative problem solving in technology.
  • The ability to adapt and respond to challenges with a positive mental attitude.
  • Timeliness, honesty and integrity.
  • A broad set of interests that include a significant overlap with the company’s vision and mission.


As an early-stage team member you will be awarded significant equity ownership, along with an annual salary of $120,000. 

We prioritize a healthy culture, flexible working hours, unlimited paid time off, and a full health benefits package to be established upon closing of our Series-A financing round.

We look forward to meeting you!
We look forward to meeting you!

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