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At Maya, we know that psychedelic medicine has the power to shift the paradigm of mental healthcare on a global scale. However, the pioneers in psychedelic medicine don’t have an easy way to demonstrate the clinical benefits of their work. 

Maya is a digital platform designed to help psychedelic practitioners manage, measure, and illustrate health outcomes, so they can optimize their services, scale safely, and help advance psychedelic healthcare. 


As Technical Healthcare Compliance Advisor you will:

  • Consult on HIPAA regulatory compliance requirements with respect to government agencies, acts, guidelines and laws.
  • Advise on and inform technical implementation plans and prioritization for Healthcare interoperability and FDA electronic data requirements.
  • Design and implement internal compliance program, with plan for continual improvement.
  • Conduct investigations and audits to identify areas of risk.
  • Draft a plan for improving compliance practices to address those risks.
  • Establish monitoring practices to ensure the program is following best practices and standards.
  • Document compliance program, auditing procedures, monitoring processes, and improvement practices to enable Maya to self-manage compliance program after implementation.


We are only looking for candidates with proven experience in:

  • HIPAA compliance requirements.
  • Privacy and security guidelines for above and beyond HIPAA-level compliance.
  • Implementation of compliance practices within startup environments.
  • Open-source and COTS applications related to assisting compliance programs with respect to auditing, monitoring, and improving.

A great candidate has:

  • Experience with HIPAA and above-HIPAA compliance in gray market industries such as marijuana and/or psilocybin.
  • A proven track record of identifying vulnerabilities and planning a long term solution for organizational improvement.
  • The ability to adapt and respond to challenges with a positive mental attitude.
  • Willingness to adjust template practices to specific organizational needs. Timeliness, honesty and integrity.


As an early-stage team member you will be awarded a competitive hourly rate for advisory work, and the opportunity for equity ownership.

We look forward to meeting you!
We look forward to meeting you!

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