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Akoni Anthony (Maya): The Science and Art of Psychedelics

June 18, 2020

Psychedelic medicine is both a science and an art, and Akoni Anthony, co-founder of Maya Health finds his joy at their intersection.

On the podcast we discuss Akoni’s personal relationship to psychedelics including how he connected with his name. We talk about barriers to psychedelic medicine for the Black community and what white healers need to understand to better serve people of color. We talk about measuring the ineffable and why we need to collect data about psychedelic experiences. Finally Akoni emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between science and spirituality.

Akoni is the co-founder and Chief Data Officer of Maya Health, a psychedelic software company that presents the Psychedelic Therapy Podcast. He previously worked in the cannabis sector, leading data for Baker Technologies. Akoni has also served as the Chief Technology Officer for Realm of Caring, a nonprofit in cannabinoid education and research helping over 55,000 families world-wide through observational data.

Show notes

Maya Health:


  • :05 - The origin of the name “Akoni”
  • :18 - How psychedelics entered Akoni’s life
  • :19 - The barriers to approaching psychedelic medicine in the Black community
  • :28 - Why do we need data about psychedelic experiences?
  • :33 - How do we measure the ineffable?
  • :40 - How can white psychedelic healers support the black community?
  • :46 - The balance between science and spirituality
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