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Darragh Stewart (Inwardbound): My Psychedelic Irish Brother

October 30, 2020

As a PhD in molecular biology, Darragh Stewart has gone all in on plant medicine to support his psychedelic Irish brothers and everyone else who needs to break through the blockages in their lives.

Before today’s conversation I didn’t know much about Celtic Shamanism.

Today’s guest, Darragh Stewart is a shining beacon of knowledge and joy. As a PhD in plant molecular biology, he has gone all in on plant medicine to support his psychedelic Irish brothers and everyone else who needs to break through the blockages in their lives.

On the show, we talk about how Darragh blends science and spirituality. We get into the origin and structure of Inwardbound Psychedelic Retreats, which take place legally in the Netherlands. We talk about Darragh’s passion for men’s work including the integration group he co-founded called the "Psychedelic Brothers of Ireland." Finally, we get into Celtic Shamanism and efforts to heal the broken lineage of holistic and ancestral healing in Ireland.

One important note: At Inwardbound, all clients go through a strict pre-screening process. In order to attend the retreats, participants cannot have a diagnosed psychiatric illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar, clinical depression or a personality disorder. Similarly, Inwardbound is not able to  accommodate participants dealing with serious addiction, substance abuse issues, or who have a personal or family history of psychosis. If this is the case for you, it is recommended that you apply for a clinical research trial.

Show notes



  • :06 - How Darragh came to plant medicine from a scientific background
  • :14 - The origin and structure of Inward Bound retreats
  • :27 - Men's work with the Psychedelic Brothers of Ireland
  • :33 - Typical male wounds that come up in psychedelic healing
  • :41 - Celtic Shamanism and healing broken lineages on the Emerald Isle.
  • :55 - Darragh speaks to psychedelic therapists
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