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Dr. David Rabin MD, PhD: Create Safety for Self-Directed Healing

April 15, 2020

David Rabin is a psychiatrist, PhD neuroscientist, inventor, and avid proponent of psychedelic medicine.

Our guest today is Dr. David Rabin, a psychiatrist, PhD neuroscientist, inventor, and avid proponent of psychedelic medicine.

On the show we discuss the neuroscience behind the inner healer and how in the correct setting, psychedelics can help to repattern trauma. We talk about how the attachment to an identity of depression can actually create depressive symptoms. Dr. Rabin shares his work with Modern Spirit who is helping to organize the largest epigenetic study of psychedelics, and we go deep on the default mode network.

In addition to his psychiatric practice, Dr. Rabin is the chief innovation officer, co-founder and co-inventor at Apollo Neuroscience, a scientifically-validated wearable system to improve focus, sleep and access to meditative states. He is helping to organize one of the largest epigenetic studies of psychedelic medicines in collaboration with colleagues at Yale, USC, Mt. Sinai, Modern Spirit, and MAPS. He is also the co-founder and executive director of the Board of Medicine, a nonprofit focused on improving the safety and effectiveness of medication-based treatments for patients and healthcare providers.

If you want support your client’s inner healer, the most important thing is to make them feel safe. Listen in, as Dr. Rabin shows us how.

Show notes



  • :06 When Dr. Rabin first became aware of the healing power of psychedelics
  • :12 How psychedelics work to repatterning trauma
  • :16 Creating a set and setting of safety which allows the inner healer to work
  • :24 Techniques does Dr. Rabin use to create safety for his patients
  • :36 How attachment to an identity of depression creates depressive symptoms
  • :43 Default mode network
  • :47 Dr. Rabin and Modern Spirit’s epigenetic psychedelic study
  • :55 Dr. Rabin addresses psychedelic therapists
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