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Deanne Adamson (Being True to You): The Art of Integration

October 2, 2020

Integration leads to cultivation which leads to transformation. Today on the Psychedelic Therapy Podcast, Deanne Adamson shows us how to support this powerful healing process.

Wise psychonauts have long known that the real work of psychedelic healing is in the post-experience integration and there is no one more renowned in this field than today’s guest Deanne Adamson, founder of Being True To You.

We spend the first third of our conversation discussing preparation for psychedelic healing, including how to anchor an experience as it happens. We talk about integration as a long road of cultivation and explore when to invite more medicine work as part of that process. Deanne describes her technique of using an integration wheel for tracking outcomes. Finally we talk about integration coaching itself and the particular value of the exhaustive training provided by the Being True To You program.

Deanne is the founder of Being True To You, a certification program and network that provides one-on-one coaching to help people integrate transformational experiences. She developed the Transformational Recovery Model based on her extensive work supporting families through ibogaine and helping to facilitate the natural recovery process. She has a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling, and her academic background is based in spiritual psychology.

Integration leads to cultivation which leads to transformation. Today on the Psychedelic Therapy Podcast, Deanne shows us how to support this powerful healing process.

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Show notes



  • :10 - Using “anchoring” to transition out of a psychedelic experience to maximize integration
  • :13 - Integration starts with preparation
  • :26 - Integration leads to cultivation which leads to transformation
  • :32 - When should someone move from integration to new medicine work
  • :38 - Using an “integration wheel” to consider the most salient things taken from an experience
  • :46 - How are integration coaching working with therapists?
  • :53 - The Being True to You coaching program and the issue of bias in psychedelic practice

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