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Florie St. Aime: The Importance of Ritual

September 11, 2020

Florie St. Aime is a healer and guide who is deeply steeped in ritual, magic, and the wisdom of her Haitian ancestors.

Today on the show, I am honored to be speaking with a healer and guide who is deeply steeped in ritual, magic, and the wisdom of her Haitian ancestors, Florie St. Aime.

On the show we discuss how growing up in Brooklyn of Haitian descent informed Florie’s perspective on psychedelics. We talk about psychedelic medicine as ancestral healing and justice work. Florie shares her experience on MAPS’ first training for communities of color in Kentucky and what she learned from her cohort there. Finally, we discuss the importance of ritual and the influence of the regal Haitian lineage Florie holds.

Florie is a radical social worker and a graduate of MAPS’ 2019 training for communities of color. If you are interested in learning more about her work, you can email her at If you are inspired by her work, consider contributing to her gofundme - linked in the show notes.

Finally, a message from Maya, the psychedelic practitioner platform that makes this show possible: If you're a psychedelic practitioner, please take 10 minutes to complete our survey. Your contributions will help shed light on psychedelic-therapy practices around the world:

Show notes



  • :08 - How the D.A.R.E. program and Florie’s Haitian background influenced her perspective on psychedelics growing up
  • :13 - Psychedelics first came into Florie’s life as medicine
  • :24 - For Florie, psychedelic work is ancestral work in the service of justice
  • :31 - Learning across the cohort at MAPS’ first BIPOC training
  • :36 - The importance of ritual and the influence of Florie’s Haitian ancestry
  • :46 - How to be a good ancestor
  • :53 - Florie speaks to psychedelic practitioners
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