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Genesee Herzberg (Sage Institute): How to Build an Ethical Psychedelic Clinic

January 27, 2021

Genesee Herzberg has prioritized ethics in founding Sage Institute, a sliding scale clinic that offers psychotherapy and psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Equal access to psychedelic medicine is a huge issue in this burgeoning field. Today’s guest, Genesee Herzberg has prioritized ethics in founding Sage Institute, a sliding scale clinic that offers psychotherapy and psychedelic-assisted therapy and is also supporting the proliferation of ethical clinics through a new consulting group, Forth Road Health.

On the show, we discuss how Sage Institute uses the community mental health clinic model to provide greater access to psychedelic-assisted therapy. We talk about Sage’s protocols as well as its training and research components. We discuss the efficacy of different molecules for treatment as well as the psycholytic vs psychedelic approach to Ketamine-assisted therapy. Finally we discuss Forth Road, a forthcoming Strategic Consulting Company, that supports academic medical institutions, healthcare systems, independent practitioners and therapy providers exploring psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Genesee is an individual, couple and family therapist. She trained in MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD with MAPS and Ketamine-assisted therapy with the KRIYA Institute. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of both Sage Integrative Health, and Sage Institute both located in the California Bay Area.

This podcast is brought to you by Maya, a software platform designed to help psychedelic practitioners manage, measure, and illustrate health outcomes We are currently working with Ketamine practitioners, including today’s guests Genesee, in the development of the platform through our Council of Guides. If you are interested in being a part of this group, helping to co-create the Maya platform, please visit:

Show notes



  • :04 - Genesee’s early interest in psychedelics and her world with CIIS.
  • :13 - The Sage Institute nonprofit business model and efforts to promote accessibility for psychedelic medicine
  • :21 - Sage Institute’s training and research components
  • :24 - Ketamine vs MDMA vs psilocybin and psycholytic approach vs the psychedelic approach
  • :31 - The Sage protocol for ketamine-assisted therapy
  • :35 - Forth Road support for folks starting their own independent clinics
  • :48 - Genesee speaks directly to psychedelics practitioners
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