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Jesse Hudson (Woven Science): Legal Protection for Indigenous Wisdom

December 8, 2020

As psychedelics become increasingly popular in the US and beyond, it’s imperative that new businesses honor, protect, and profit-share with the indigenous communities who are stewards of these medicines.

Today on the show, Jesse Hudson, Chief Legal Officer at Woven Science explains the recent policy paper from Woven’s nonprofit El Puente which focuses on reparations, education, preservation, and inclusion for indigenous wisdom keepers.

We begin with Jesse’s early work with ICEERS’ Ayahuasca Defense Fund (ADF) and the case for religious freedom. We discuss the importance of corporate social responsibility in psychedelic medicine and some examples of organizations which are doing it well. Jesse shares El Puente’s recent policy paper including the four pillars of biocultural conservation, appellations of origin, regulatory sandboxes, and financial sharing. We conclude our conversation with the value for psychedelic businesses of preserving, protecting, and giving voice to indigenous communities.

Jesse Hudson has worked in the psychedelic space for 15 years as a lawyer, consultant, and advisor for organizations including ICEERS' Ayahuasca Defense Fund, Chacruna Institute, Enthea Health, Sage Institute, Journey Colab, and Vine Ventures. He is Chief Legal Officer at Woven Science, where he leads the non-profit El Puente, which promotes access and benefit-sharing with indigenous peoples and holds 10% of Woven’s equity.

Show notes





  • :17 - ICEERS and ayahuasca defense fund (ADF)
  • :21 - Woven Science and ecosystem approach
  • :26 - Ethics in psychedelic business
  • :43 - El Puente’s Four Pillars: Biocultural conservation, appellations of origin, regulatory sandboxes, and financial sharing.
  • :56 - Taxation and regulation exemptions for indigenous communities
  • 1:03 - Financial benefits sharing, mandates, and ethics

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