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Jonathan De Potter (Behold Retreats): Bringing Plant Medicine to Asia

December 8, 2020

Jonathan de Potter, founder of Behold Retreats has big visions for the region and it starts with helping business leaders awaken.

Today on the he Psychedelic Therapy Podcast I’m speaking to a man who is changing the narrative around plant medicine in Asia. Jonathan de Potter, founder of Behold Retreats has big visions for the region and it starts with helping business leaders awaken.

On the show, we talk about the challenges of addressing mental health issues in Asia. Jonathan shares his perspective of what makes a great psychedelic practitioner from his own experiences. We discuss Behold Retreats and why Jonathan is focusing on healing leaders in the business world. We also review medical screening and onboarding of patients. Finally Jonathan shares his predictions for the future of plant medicine in Asia.

Prior to launching Behold Retreats in March, Jonathan directed business strategy for Accenture in Hong Kong. His personal experience with plant medicine radically altered the course of his life, and he spent 5 years working with medicine before launching his retreat company. Behold has held retreats in Mexico, Ecuador, and Costa Rica, and is planning to expand to Peru, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.

Before we get started, a word from Maya, the platform designed to help psychedelic practitioners track, measure, and illustrate the health outcomes of their work and the organization that makes this podcast possible.

Maya is currently working with individual ketamine practitioners in its pilot program called the Council of Guides. If you are interested in being a part of this group, helping to co-create the Maya platform and getting first access, please visit the Council of Guides page on the Maya website at

Show notes



  • :06 - How Jonathan is changing the narrative about plant medicine in Asia
  • :13 - How does a westerner bridge the gap around psychedelics and mental health in Asia
  • :21 - What makes a great psychedelic partitioner
  • :25 - The structure of Behold Retreats and why Jonathan focuses on clients from the business world
  • :31 - How Jonathan tracks the impact his retreats are having in the world.
  • :36 - Medical screening and patient onboarding at Behold Retreats
  • :48 - Jonathan’s predictions for plant medicine in Asia.
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