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Kevin Franciotti: Psychedelics in Recovery

July 24, 2020

Kevin Franciotti is a passionate enthusiast of psychedelic medicine, who's work is informed by his own relationship to addiction.

Today I am speaking to Kevin Franciotti, founder of Psychedelics in Recovery, a fellowship of individuals in 12-step programs who wish to use psychedelics and plant medicines as part of their recovery.

On the show we discuss Kevin’s experience using ibogaine as a treatment for his own opiate addiction and how his work in recovery helped him become a leader in the community.. We talk about the history of Alcoholic Anonymous and other 12-step programs. We explore recovery with a harm-reduction ethos and finally how psychedelic therapists can collaborate with the recovery community.

Kevin is a journalist, a psychedelic researcher, a harm reduction educator, and a substance use recovery advocate.

Show notes



  • :05 - The history of Alcoholic Anonymous
  • :13 - 12 step groups beyond AA and Psychedelic and Recovery
  • :21 - Kevin’s personal experience with opiate addiction which led to ibogaine treatment
  • :28 - How ibogaine works for opiate addiction
  • :37 - Kevin’s experience with 12 step programs and other accountability after his ibogaine treatment.
  • :46 - The creation of Psychedelics in Recovery, a 12 step community with a harm reduction ethos
  • :53 - How do psychedelic therapists collaborate with this community and others like it
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