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Laura Dawn: Healing with Creativity

October 10, 2022

Could enhancing creativity be the key to healing mental illness?

Laura Dawn of Grow Medicine, makes a compelling case for the value of psychedelics for enhancing flow.

Our conversation begins with an exploration of eldership and indigenous concepts of reciprocity based on Laura Dawn’s recent trip to Columbia. Laura Dawn gives us practical tools for enhancing creativity and makes the case for psychedelic healing through optimizing flow states. We conclude with how to prevent burnout amongst healers, facilitators, and other leaders in the psychedelic space.

Laura Dawn hosts The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast and is the founder & director of Grow Medicine. She has a Masters in Science specializing in Creativity Studies & Change Leadership and is at the forefront of exploring the intersection between psychedelics and creative cognition for leadership development.

Show notes


  • :05 - Laura’s trip to Colombia to learn from the Kogi and Mamos indigenous elders
  • :19 - How to best innervate psychedelics into the mainstream
  • :24 - Focusing on the intersection between psychedelics and creative cognition
  • :34 - Healing mental illness through creativity tools for accessing creative cognition
  • :49 - How to prevent burnout amongst healers, facilitators, and people in the psychedelic space


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