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Laura Northrup (Inside Eyes): Psychedelics and Sexual Violence Part 2

April 5, 2022

We live in a global epidemic of sexual violence and spaces for psychedelic healing are not only not exempt, but there are also factors which make sexual violence more likely in these spaces.

Join us for the second half of our two-part series with author and psychotherapist, Laura Northrup, as we understand why violations occur in spaces of healing and what we can do about it.

We open by discussing the spectrum of ethical violations in mental healthcare generally and psychedelic spaces specifically. We go over the conditions, both psychological and cultural, that contribute to harm. We discuss accountability both of individuals involved and the community generally which brings us into a conversation bystandership about deplatforming. We end our conversation with a review of Laura’s new book Radical Healership and how to build a values-driven practice.

Laura is an author, educator, somatic psychotherapist, and podcaster. She is the host and creator of the podcast Inside Eyes, an audio series about people using entheogens & psychedelics to heal from sexual trauma. Her work focuses on defining sexual violence through a spiritual and politicized lens, mentoring healing practitioners in creating a meaningful path, and supporting the spiritual integrity of our collective humanity. Her new book, Radical Healership helps practitioners build a values-driven practice in a profit-driven world.

Disclaimer: This show discusses sexual violence so please go slow and take care of yourself.

Show notes



  • :10 – The spectrum of ethical violation
  • :19 – What is occurring in the psyche to cause healers to violate someone?
  • :25 - What does full accountability look like when it comes down to sexual harm within a healing relationship?
  • :28 - Dangerous personality types and people
  • :34 - Does the psychedelic community have a unique situation in terms of sexual abuse?
  • :39 - The challenging question of deplatforming
  • :49 - Do governing bodies help prevent assault
  • :53 - Laura’s new book for practitioners, “Radical Healership”

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