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Lisa Dannen (Maya): Our Colleague’s First Ayahuasca Retreat

July 5, 2021

Lisa Dannen, our colleague at Maya, recently experienced her first Ayahuasca retreat in Peru. Today on the show, she shares all the preparation and integration that went into her experience.

On the podcast, we discuss about Lisa’s work with Maya, and why she wanted to experience Ayahuasca for healing and personal growth. We discuss her 10 day experience in the Sacred Valley of Peru as well as her subsequent integration. Finally Lisa gives her advice to others planning a similar experience.

Lisa has over ten years of experience changing what people know, think, and do about controversial social issues, Lisa began her career at the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, advocating for the housing rights of low-income individuals. In 2015, Lisa transitioned into the cannabis industry to help to reform discriminatory federal and state drug policies as the Marketing Director at the National Cannabis Industry Association in Denver. She currently serves as Maya’s Director of Marketing & Communications and as a passionate proponent for psychedelic healing.

Show notes



  • :07 - Why Lisa decided to work at a psychedelic medicine company
  • :13 - Why Lisa wanted to drink Ayahuasca and how she prepared
  • :25 - The experience of five ayahuasca ceremonies in ten days
  • :36 - Lisa’s experience with psychedelic integration
  • :42 - How her ayahuasca ceremony has changed Lisa’s professional life
  • :50 - Advice to others planning to go on an ayahuasca experience
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