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Maria Teresa Chavez (Sacred Earth Warriors): The Way of the Spiritual Doula

June 26, 2020

The former Therapeutic Director of Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center has gone all in on integration.

Today I am speaking to a Spiritual Doula, Maria Theresa Chavez.

On the show we talk about her work at Crossroads, which is now closed, and the particular therapeutic qualities of ibogaine (from the west African Tabernanthe iboga plant) and 5-MeO-DMT (from the Sonoran Desert Toad) which were administered at Crossroads in tandem. We discuss Maria’s own story of healing including the psychedelic San Pedro cactus and the purgative Kambo frog. Most importantly we talk about the healing power of nature and meditation and the profound importance of integration.

Maria is a transformational and spiritual doula, a holistic health coach, and an educator with 16 years of expertise in the metaphysical and holistic lifestyle fields. In addition to her work at Crossroads, she is the founder of Sacred Earth Warriors, a transformational healing event and retreat company. Pairing her Peruvian and Venezuelan heritage and background of shamanic plant medicine work, she brings a reverence for the land and aspects of ceremony into all of her offerings.

Show notes



  • :04 - Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center
  • :11 - How Iboga works both neurologically and psychologically to reveal maladaptive coping skills
  • :17 - How nature, meditation, and mindfulness set a foundation for Maria’s future psychedelic healing
  • :22 - Integration and the role of the spiritual doula
  • :38 - Maria’s first experiences with Kambo medicine and Wachuma (San Pedro) the medicine of her Peruvian ancestors
  • :48 - How to be better stewards of the psychedelic renaissance in terms of sustainability and marginalized people.
  • :54 - Maria speaks to psychedelic practitioners
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