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Molly Maloof MD: Dr. Molly’s Ketamine Protocol

December 14, 2020

A comprehensive ketamine protocol from concierge and lifestyle doctor, Molly Maloof.

Today on the podcast, I'm speaking to Dr. Molly Maloof, a concierge and lifestyle medicine practitioner who has developed a comprehensive protocol for Ketamine-assisted therapy.

On the show, we talk about Molly’s professional journey from burning out in residency to concierge medicine to Stanford professor and Ketamine practitioner. We discuss her protocol in detail and why one shouldn’t try to treat their own depression with street Ketamine. Finally, Dr. Molly gives her advice to new practitioners especially regarding creating a brand in the psychedelic space.

Dr. Molly is a physician, an entrepreneur a medical advisor, a Ketamine practitioner, and a Stanford lecturer. She has advised over 42 companies throughout the world and has lectured extensively. You can catch her with Dr. David Rabin on the Psychedelic News Hour on Fridays on ClubHouse or in the Apple Store as a podcast in January.

Healing is holistic, and it seems like Dr. Molly has thought of everything.

Show notes



  • :07 - Dr. Molly’s first experience with psychedelics and her professional journey
  • :23 - Incorporating spirituality into a medical practice
  • :30 - Dr. Molly’s ketamine protocol
  • :41 - Why shouldn’t people use street ketamine to treat their own depression?
  • :48 - Dr Molly’s advice to upcoming practitioners
  • :53 - Providing equal access to psychedelic medicine and other issues and opportunities in the Psychedelic Renaissance
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