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Talia Eisenberg (Beond): How Ibogaine Gets to the Root of Trauma

June 10, 2022

The West African psychedelic iboga (and its extraction ibogaine) continues to show an impressive ability to heal addiction and trauma.

Today we are joined by Talia Eisenberg, of Beond, a Mexico-based ibogaine treatment center. 

Our conversation begins with Talia’s personal history and how addiction relates to trauma. We discuss ibogaine integration to prevent relapse, and how Beond is designed to be a full-service wellness center for those healing from addiction and trauma. We conclude with ibogaine’s effectiveness in treating eating disorders and behavioral addictions, and Beond’s plan for rolling out future clinics. 

Talia Eisenberg is a serial entrepreneur focused on developing industry-leading consumer-facing products & services in the wellness and psychedelics industry. She is the founder of Beond and also the Ibogaine Research Institute, a San Francisco-based nonprofit with the mission to raise funds and awareness required to provide people addicted to opiates the right to choice by legitimizing ibogaine as the most promising solution for opioid addiction interruption. 

Show notes



  • :05 - Talia’s personal experience with addiction, seeking help, and introduction to ibogaine
  • :20 - Physiological response to ibogaine and addiction in relation to trauma
  • :26 - Ibogaine integration to prevent a relapse in the addiction
  • :30 - What makes Beond different as a destination for Iboga and how does the clinical approach differ from the indigenous shamanic approach?
  • :36 - Ibogaine treatment and eating disorders and behavioral addictions
  • :46 Plan for rolling out clinics and locations, Beond ibogaine insight discussion series
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