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Charlotte James & Undrea Wright (The Sabina Project): Living Ceremony

February 12, 2021

The Sabina Project focuses on providing psychedelic education particularly for the BIPOC community, preparation and integration, and the facilitation of legal ceremonies.

When ancestral wisdom is missing from modern psychedelic conversations, the Black-led Sabina Project is there to educate, reduce harm, and facilitate ceremony. On today’s episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Podcast, Charlotte James and Undrea Wright invite us to reconnect to Sacred Earth Medicines.

We begin the show discussing Kambo, a healing ritual using the poisonous secretions of the giant monkey frog. We talk about why it is so necessary to connect to ancestral wisdom in the modern psychedelic movement through the lens of the project’s upcoming series AfroPsychedelia. Charlotte and Dre share how the Sabina Project has shifted to facilitate remote and legal ceremonies with Rapeh (also called hapè), an Amazonian medicinal snuff. Overall, Dre and Charlotte embody the Sabina Project mission of teaching others how to live life in ceremony.

Charlotte James and Undrea Wright are cofounders of the Sabina Project, named after María Sabina, a Mazateca curandera. The Sabina Project focuses on providing psychedelic education particularly for the BIPOC community, as well as preparation and integration and the facilitation of legal ceremonies. Charlotte has a background in harm reduction, psychedelic exploration, and marketing strategy. Undrea is a Kambo medicine practitioner and cannabis entrepreneur involved in decriminalization efforts. Together they utilize ancient earth medicines and ancestral wisdom to support equitable liberation and spiritual enlightenment.

Show notes



  • :04 - Charlotte and Undrea’s backgrounds and their connection at the People of Color Psychedelics Conference
  • :09 - Dre and Charlotte explain Kambo
  • :16 - The story of Maria Sabina, the namesake of the Sabina Project
  • :21 - Ancestral wisdom, the Bwiti and Sabina’s event AfroPsychedelia
  • :27 - Organizations going a good job with equity and access
  • :33 - How the Sabina Project educates by helping people prepare to live their life in ceremony
  • :43 - How the Sabina Project supports remote ceremony
  • :53 - Undrea and Charlotte speak directly to psychedelic practitioners
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