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Tim Ko and John Lem (HaluGen): Genetic Testing for the Psychedelics Experience

October 22, 2021

What if a simple test could reveal the speed of your psychedelic metabolism or your propensity for psychedelic-triggered mental health issues?

Providing information on 5 key genetic variants, HaluGen Life Sciences is a direct to consumer test and an educational tool to help us all understand the various factors that impact the psychedelic experience.

On today’s show I speak with Tim Ko and John Lem from Entheon, the company behind HaluGen. On the show, we review each of the biomarkers they test for including three biomarkers for general mental health risks, a variant that causes slower Ketamine metabolization, and a variant that increases the density of serotonin 2A receptors. We discuss the potential actionability of this data and how Entheon sees the tool developing over time.

Timothy Ko has a broad background of leading private ventures in the Service Sector, Investor Relations, Retail and Technology. Timothy’s passion for the psychedelic space is shaped by firsthand knowledge of the shortcomings of the current mental health system, and through his exposure to psychedelics which he credits with saving his life. John Lem is the co-founder of Spartan Bioscience and Lobo Genetics with 15 years experience in life sciences, medical devices and capital markets.

Show notes



  • :04 - Tim Ko’s personal history and passion for psychedelic healing
  • :15 - What is Entheon?
  • :21 - Population breakdowns for genetic mutations
  • :26 - Three biomarkers for general mental health risks
  • :41 - A genetic variant which causes people to metabolize ketamine more slowly
  • :45 - A variant that increases the density and serotonin 2A receptors
  • :54 - Future biomarkers to study
  • :59 - What will HaluGen 2.0 look like
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