Adam Abrahami

VP Strategy & Operations
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Adam is passionate about psychology, consciousness, and psychedelics. He believes that evidence-based care can accelerate the rate of acceptance of psychedelic medicines and in turn, advance the growth of our collective knowledge and understanding of these transformative tools. This pursuit is his life’s purpose and guides his work with Maya. Adam studied Engineering at University of Cambridge where his fascination with psychedelics first began. He spent the first decade of his career as a customer strategy consultant specializing in data, analytics, customer experience, CRM, and digital transformation. During this time he ran practices across London, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and Denver.

Why are you passionate about psychedelic-assisted healing?
Working on my mental health, happiness, and emotional resilience has been a lifelong journey and nothing else has had the kind of transformative impact of psychedelic-assisted healing. I believe these transformative modalities provide us the opportunity to revolutionize how we view mental health disorders and dramatically improve the live mental health and wellbeing of millions of people.

What do you believe is your gift to the universe?
I deeply care about others' experience and go out of my way to make people feel accepted, seen, and considered in all situations.

Anything else interesting you’d like to share?

“I know that these mental disturbances of mine are not dangerous and give no promise of a storm; to express what I complain of in apt metaphor, I am distressed, not by a tempest, but by sea-sickness.”

― Seneca

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