Claire Masters

Director of Success
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Claire is a lifelong student of pre-modern cultures and holistic practices, and more recently gained certifications in yoga and related disciplines. Before entering the tech startup space, she studied and worked in the fields of archaeology and herbal healing. As one of the first employees at Baker Technologies, Claire assisted in the development of the sales, onboarding, and customer success organizations, to grow the business to capture more than a third of the available market in just a few years. As Director of Success at Maya, Claire is continuing to exercise her passion for unifying the larger mission of a company or industry, with the overall growth and day to day success of the individual customer. More than anything, she is committed to progressing our society through challenging the status quo and promoting opportunities for introspection.

Why are you passionate about psychedelic-assisted healing?
It is my sincerest belief that humanity and the natural world are innately connected, and a fracturing in that relationship is what must be overcome to progress our larger society. To me, we are getting back to our roots in utilizing psychedelic properties to heal and realign our minds to the notion that we are all connected.

What do you believe is your gift to the universe?
With my voice I connect with others to foster understanding, ease, and confidence.

Anything else interesting you’d like to share?

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
― Socrates

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