Rix Bai

Senior Engineer
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Rix is a senior full stack software engineer, architect, consultant, and developer with over 15 years in web and mobile application development. He co-founded several startups as a technical advisor and a developer, which gave him rich experience and vast skill sets required to develop any kind of application from scratch. The most amazing thing he worked on is a project that required to build a web app and a mobile app for the financial industry. He helped his client to build the MVP version successfully in just 2 months and the client was able to convince investors to invest well over his initial set mark of 500K upon presentation of his minimal viable product. 

Why are you passionate about psychedelic-assisted healing?
There are a lot of people suffering from mental illness and various types of stresses (work stress is the most popular one) all over the world. Now, I understand how psychedelics can help those people heal and live a healthy life. I love being part of Maya, so that I can help people who are suffering.

What do you believe is your gift to the universe?
Analytical thinking and diligence, a tenacity to dig into the problem until the end.

Anything else interesting you’d like to share?
I wish to impact people and the world in a positive way and on a big scale in my lifetime. I know it’s not easy but I always think and try my best. And I love being a father. Seeing my daughter growing everyday is the happiest thing in my life.

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