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Ian-Michael Hébert (Holos): Psychedelic Healing is Holistic Healing

May 4, 2020

Ian-Michael is co-founder Holos, an organization of holistic healing centers and communities, launching first in Costa Rica.

My guest today is Ian-Michael Hébert, co-founder Holos, an organization of holistic healing centers and communities, launching first in Costa Rica.

On the show we discuss a holistic approach to psychedelic medicine. We talk about the retreat model and Ian-Michael’s recommendations globally. He shares his perspective on psychedelic ethics and why it’s so important to be in integrity with local communities.

Born in Alaska, Ian-Michael is the former Director of Projects at Esalen Institute at Big Sur, he holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and he is co-founder and CEO of Holos.

Psychedelic healing is holistic. Let’s take this movement forward in a way that best honors the places, people, plants, and practices that make this work possible.

Show notes



  • :04 Buckminster Fuller’s "trim tab" and Stan Grof’s Holotropic Paradigm
  • :12 Ian-Michael’s Alaska upbringing
  • :16 Are personal psychedelic experiences necessary to be a psychedelic therapist?
  • :21 Ian-Michael's training in psychedelic psychotherapy and where he sees his own blind spots
  • :27 Where does Ian-Michael go to get answers to his questions about psychedelic medicines?
  • :34 Why he chose the retreat model and other retreat centers he recommends
  • :39 Which jurisdictions are amenable to psychedelic medicine
  • :44 What challenges does Ian-Michael face as a retreat leader and for individual therapists?
  • :49 The importance of working with local communities
  • :58 How can people work with Ian-Michael and Holos
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