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Jonathan Sabbagh (Journey): Supporting Independent Psychedelic Practitioners

December 21, 2020

Jonathan Sabbagh is building a space and solution for independent therapists who want to provide Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) by offering a prescription service, a medically supervised location, and a community.

On the show, we talk about Jonathan’s startup Journey and the tools he is creating to democratize access for independent psychedelic practitioners. We discuss set and setting and the Journey space. We talk about vetting and training psychedelic therapist and how Journey endeavors can create community. We also go over concerns around the medicalization of psychedelics.

Jonathan is the Co-founder and CEO of Journey Clinical Inc and is currently studying to be a psychedelic therapist himself at The New School. After 20 years in finance and entrepreneurship, he is bringing his skills and passion into the psychedelic community with the support of his own deep medicine work.

As the adoption of psychedelic therapy grows worldwide, support services for independent practitioners, like Journey, will be invaluable.

Show notes



  • :03 - How Jonathan went from working in finance to going to school to become a psychedelic therapist
  • :11 - How Journey is creating the spaces and tools for independent psychedelic therapists to thrive.
  • :18 - The set and setting of the Journey space will be designed as a crystal
  • :23 - Therapist vetting and training
  • :28- Democratizing access for independent practitioners
  • :31 - Concerns about the medicalization of psychedelic medicine
  • :42 - How Journey plans to foster community for psychedelic practitioners
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