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Lyle Maxson (SoundSelf): Will Digital Therapeutics Replace Psychedelics?

July 17, 2021

The world of digital therapeutics is booming just as fast as psychedelic therapy. Today’s guest, Lyle Maxson, is resolutely optimistic about the positive synthesis of the two.

On the show, we discuss the science of Lyle’s software SoundSelf, which uses voice to generate a hypnotic world of light, color, and sound. We review his business partner Robin Arnott’s Technodelic Manifesto and ask the important question: Will technology replace therapists? We also cover data sovereignty, metric tracking, and finally the future of psychedelic medicine and digital therapeutics.

With a start in immersive environments at festivals, Lyle Maxson is a pioneer of Transformative Entertainment. He is Chief Strategy Officer of Entheo Digital - a digital therapeutics company pursuing FDA clearance and the creation of a wellness technology marketplace at the intersection of psychedelic therapy and experiential medicine. He is also the co-founder of Andromeda Entertainment, a VR publisher bringing to market “Games for Good,” and GeniusX, a VR education platform.

Show notes



  • :09 - Lyle’s background in lucid dreaming, festival production and biohacking
  • :18 - The Technodelic Manifesto By Robin Arnott
  • :23 - The Science of SoundSelf
  • :28 - Will technology replace therapists?
  • :33 - Metric tracking and data sovereignty
  • :38 - The future of psychedelic medicine and unforeseen consequences of digital therapeutics
  • :46 - Educating psychedelic therapists in VR
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