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Thank You Psychedelic Practitioners: A 2020 Retrospective

December 31, 2020

Our previous podcast guests offer their advice and gratitude for psychedelic practitioners.

While 2020 has been difficult in so many ways, this year brought psychedelic medicine further ahead by leaps and bounds. At Maya, we were honored to share the wisdom of 25 healers and leaders in the psychedelic world through this podcast. Today we are sharing their advice to practitioners.

On the show, our guests offer advice and perspectives to the therapists doing this important work. Their wisdom is at times simple, profound, and even controversial or contradictory. They speak of how to approach clients of specific demographics, how therapists might relate to themselves in this work, and what our collective responsibility is to the psychedelic movement as a whole. Most of all, across the board, our guests have expressed their gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you, psychedelic therapists!

You can hear more from each of our guests in a full episode at

Show notes


  • :02 - David Rabin
  • :07 - Irina Alexander
  • :09 - Tony Moss
  • :11 - Erica Siegal
  • :13 - Dick Schwartz
  • :14 - Akoni Anthony
  • :18 - Maria Theresa Chavez
  • :20 - Charles Flores
  • :24 - Kevin Franciotti
  • :25 - Bia Labate
  • :29 - Lauren Taus
  • :31 - Bessel van der Kolk
  • :33 - Jesse Gould
  • :34 - Florie St. Aime
  • :37 - Belinda Eriacho
  • :39 - Lynn Marie Morisky
  • :41 - Deanne Adamson
  • :47 - Veronika Gold
  • :49 - Jessica Cadoch
  • :51 - Darragh Stewart
  • :52 - Ronan Levy
  • :53 - Jonathan de Potter
  • :56 - Molly Maloof
  • 1:00 - Jonathan Sabbagh
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